Technology: Global Information Systems

Advanced Information Technology Supports Our Worldwide Operations

Around the clock, Yusen’s in-house computer networks are busy carrying vital, real-time information to and from all corners of the world. For much of this traffic, we rely on YASTEM, our own proprietary software package, which connects 70 cities in 18 countries. YASTEM is an international network of approximately 2000 terminals linked together by a two-frame relay network, allowing for the retrieval of up-to-the-second information on cargo arrivals, customs, billing and inventory, as well as tariff classifications necessary for import customs clearance.

Running on IBM’s midrange AS/400 machines, YASTEM incorporates special programs to facilitate anytime, anywhere communication with our clients and customs authorities in the U.S. It communicates with the U.S. Customs Service’s ABI (Automated Broker Interface) computer system for data exchange, while providing easy tracking and data transmission over the Internet between customers and Yusen offices using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Another feature of our information technology capabilities is the easy-to-use web-based tracking system, which enables customers to access by simply inputting their air waybill numbers.