Global Transportation Service

Sea Transportation Service

Efficient, economical service anytime, anywhere with Yusen

Backed by many, many years of experience, not to mention our meticulous planning and attention to detail, Yusen’s sea cargo service is flexible enough to satisfy all transportation needs. Our global service network and prompt customs clearance capabilities ensure efficient and economical consolidation services for a variety of ocean-going cargo -- from small (LCL) and large (FCL) consignments to oversize bulk cargo.

Multimodal Transportation Service

Combining air and sea transportation for economical and faster delivery

Utilizing our well-known expertise in both air- and sea-based logistics, Yusen provides multimodal transportation services between different continents and to every corner of the world. Faster than sea transportation alone, yet considerably cheaper than all-air routes, Yusen offers multimodal service options at all our offices to serve the broadest possible range of customer needs.

Logistics and Transportation Consulting

Yusen, your global transportation strategy partner

Possessing a wealth of technical knowledge as well as a sophisticated understanding of global economic issues and their impact on transportation and trade, Yusen’s well-trained logistics professionals help our clients develop effective and economical transportation strategies, based on their needs and business patterns. Using our global intelligence network, we also provide advice on government regulations, inventory management and information systems.