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Quality is a top priority at Yusen. It is also a part of our corporate tradition. Our Mission Statement is a constant reminder of our philosophy to our staff and to our clients.

Mission Statement

To achieve the recognition of our clients and the unequivocal respect of our peers, Yusen Air & Sea Service (USA) Inc. has established a mission directive, which has been embraced on a global basis that provides for an unparalleled quality of service by its personnel.

 This mission has been formulated to ensure:  

*  Yusen provides the services of global logistics comprised of export, import, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution that meet the requirements set forth by our clients. We strive to remain in the forefront of computer enhancement, while improving the internal processes presenting valuable and comprehensive information to our clients.

  *  Yusen maintains a high degree of professionalism within its organization and Yusen personnel are properly supported with modern facilities, equipment, and training programs.

  *  Yusen continually encourages innovation, growth opportunity and security in its personnel thus providing an open and synergetic work environment.                

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