Global Transportation Service

"Just-in-Time" Delivery Services in the U.S

Yusen offers special "just-in-time" transportation services in the U.S. that can deliver cargo from anywhere from the world, even overnight from Japan, in accordance with your delivery schedules. With its well-developed ground and air transport networks and special pre-clearing service, Yusen can deliver shipments "just-in-time" for assembly lines and manufacturing plants.

First introduced in Chicago in 1988 to serve manufacturing clients in the Midwest region, "just-in-time" delivery services are now available from New York to various destinations on the East Coast as well as from Louisville, Kentucky, covering the entire arc from Midwestern to Southeastern United States. Yusen also serves clients in the Silicon Valley, delivering cargo "just-in-time" from San Francisco. In addition, our "Just- in-Maquiladora" delivery service focuses on shipments to the border region between the U.S. and Mexico.


Big Apple Shuttle® (New York City)

Launched in 1997, Yusen’s Big Apple Shuttle® provides "just-in-time" delivery services from JFK Airport to clients located in Virginia and North Carolina.

Chicago Shuttle (Chicago,IL)

Initiated in 1988 to carry express shipments from Japan to the U.S. Midwest, Yusen’s Chicago Shuttle service was the first in the industry to offer "just-in-time" international delivery. It is also a good example of Yusen’s all-round expertise in air and ground transportation. Operating from a 102,000 square-foot building that includes a container freight station (CFS) and a bonded warehouse, Yusen Chicago is a round-the-clock service hub for all kinds of air and ocean cargo to and from the Midwest region.

"Mid-Night Express®"

- Suitable for just-in-time imports from Japan -

Cargo flights from Japan usually arrive at Chicago around midnight. As soon as the shipments clear customs, Yusen Chicago employees immediately process the cargo for onward delivery by truck to various Midwestern locations.


Louisville Shuttle (Louisville, KY)

The Louisville Shuttle service was launched in 1995 to meet growing demands in the area stretching from the Midwest to the Southeast, particularly from automobile and electronics parts manufacturers in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. Yusen is the only company to offer "just-in-time" services from both Chicago and Louisville for cargo delivery to multiple points within the greater Midwestern region.

Silicon Valley Express (San Jose, CA)

Taking advantage of daily flights coming into San Jose at midday directly from Japan, Yusen offers the same-day delivery service of freight to companies situated in the Greater Silicon Valley area. Through pre-filing of customs clearance formalities on behalf of clients, we are able to deliver by 4 o’clock on the afternoon of flight arrival.

Just-in- Maquiladora (California - Mexico)

The U.S.-Mexico border region has become a vibrant economic zone in recent years, thanks to the large number of assembly plants – maquiladora in Spanish – that have sprung up in the area. To meet the domestic and international transportation needs of these factories, Yusen has introduced a special "Just-in Maquiladora" service to San Diego, Calexico, Tijuana and Mexicali, making it the most efficient freight service for bonded shipments to the border region for "just-in-time" delivery.

Yusen’s Los Angeles office performs all the necessary customs clearance work for international cargo arriving at Los Angeles. Special trucks then carry the shipments to cities on the U.S.-Mexico border for on-time delivery.