Customs Clearance

Yusen: Experienced Agent for Importers and Exporters

Yusen has been a U.S. Customs licensed, ABI interfaced customhouse broker since 1986, with our 15 brokerage offices covering the major U.S. ports of arrival.

Our standard level of service includes pre-clearance of shipments through U.S Customs and next morning delivery to each office’s local area. Cargo arriving in the evening will, in most cases, be at your door before noon the next day. Should even further expedited service be required, our experienced staff will coordinate with you and make every possible arrangement to fulfill your delivery requirements.

Our personalized approach ensures that complex and sensitive customs issues are handled in a smooth, hassle-free manner. We make a point of becoming familiar with your business and products. Thus, any advice we offer and customs business we transact on your behalf is based on accurate knowledge of your company and in compliance with U.S. Customs regulations.

Yusen offers various ways to coordinate customs clearance needs. Clients may choose to deal with the experienced staff in our various locations or may choose our remote clearance method, which allows them to deal with the staff in only one office to coordinate business nationally. This method of remote handling has become increasingly popular, especially with customers who choose to send their shipment information electronically. We have the capability to receive EDI transmission of shipment, invoice or product information via several methods. Whether shipping data comes in paper form or electronically, we can offer competitively priced services in the area of customs clearance as well as duty drawback, warehousing and distribution.