Yusen is committed to the career development of its staff and provides guidance to employees in reaching their potential. 

    The career development of the employee is based jointly on the needs of the individual and of Yusen. The Company encourages its staff to develop new skills to meet the needs of the Company as well as their changing, personal goals. Yusen attaches importance to the contributions of its employees as witnessed by the implementation of many, employee initiated improvements. 

Yusen also is committed to, and has a long tradition of, promoting from within. 

    Part of the career development program at Yusen is the identification and promotion of outstanding talent into positions of increasing responsibility, as well as senior Branch and Corporate Management. 

At Yusen there are separate roles for both management and employees in setting career goals. 

    Line and senior management support and encourage employee development. Manager’s initiate career development discussions and are committed to helping employees develop the skills they need to advance. Employees take responsibility for their professional growth and are given every opportunity to explore their objectives and to set career goals. Employees’ are encouraged to solicit help in reaching their goals. 

Resources also are available for employees pursuing their continuing education. 

    Yusen welcomes employees applying for financial assistance for goals that contribute to both personal and corporate goals. 

The motto of Yusen is “Yusen begins with You.” In providing customer service the role of our human resources is very clear. 

    When employees can identify and have a better understanding of career goals, and enjoy effective management of career development, Yusen benefits in better succession planning and an adequate supply of qualified employees. Yusen’s customers are the ultimate beneficiary, as witnessed by a dedicated and productive work force and customer satisfaction.  

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